Core Values

What are the things that we cherish as a church? Our Core Values answer that question. It is our prayer that over the years, we will grow to cherish and love these truths more and more.


We cherish the Word of God because in it, the Triune God reveals himself and his glorious gospel. We long for the Bible to become more precious to us and for our lives to be more fully submitted in obedience to it. By God’s grace, as these things happen, we believe that we will be changed and God will be glorified.


In God’s Word, we see that the culmination of God’s redemptive work is worship, as all of the creation exalts the Lamb who sits on the throne (Rev. 5:6-14). As a local church, we believe our ultimate purpose is to worship and exalt the Triune God. We desire for every aspect of our lives to be marked by the joyful worship of God.


We believe that God’s standard for us as Christians and as a church is faithfulness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Above all other things, God calls us to be faithful to his gospel, in our lives and in our ministries. It is our prayer that our lives will be characterized by increasing faithfulness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Jesus left his church a mission. That mission, simply put, is to make disciples of all nations. And since we want to be faithful to Christ’s mission, we long to see ourselves and those in our midst grow in following after Christ by faith.


We need one another in order to live the Christian life. None of us are capable of growing on our own. We desire, then, that our congregation be a gospel community, where people are encouraged and challenged and supported in their own pursuit of faithfulness to Christ.