Why Expositional Preaching? (Part 3)

This is the third post on expositional preaching, part of our “Why do we…?” series.

Yesterday, we discussed some of the reasons for expositional preaching. Those reasons alone are enough to convince us that we should preach through books of the Bible. But there are also some additional practical benefits of expositional preaching. Let me mention just two:

First, expositional preaching exposes us to the profound depth of the Bible

The Scriptures teach an incredibly wide array of doctrinal truth. And that truth is contained in many different genres – narrative, poetry, gospels, epistles, etc. When we preach expositional sermons, we expose ourselves to that amazing depth of truth and variety of literature. Instead of focusing only on the things that we find interesting or the truths that we find relevant, expositional preaching puts before us the whole counsel of God.

As a result, expositional preaching equips us to be better students of the Bible. As we listen to sermons from different genres covering different doctrinal truths, we learn how to study poetry. We learn how to read prophecy. We can better understand epistles. All of this results from faithful expositional preaching. 

Second, expositional preaching keeps the style and content of our preaching fresh

Sermons from Romans will not necessarily sound like sermons from Exodus. The truth contained in Proverbs might have a different emphasis than that contained in Acts. The point is that expositional preaching naturally introduces variety into the preacher’s style and content. In a surprising way, following the same preaching model month after month gives the church the greatest variety of teaching and preaching!

So, will we ever do a topical series in the future? Probably. There is certainly benefit in that approach. But for the most part, our hope is make expositional preaching the regular diet of Midtown Baptist. We are convinced of the reasons for this approach, and we are eager to experience the benefits listed above.

May God be pleased to use his Word to shape us as his Church!


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