Sunday Worship Services have been canceled until further notice. For more information, please read this message from the Elders of our church.


Updates on COVID-19 Response

March 25, 2020

Dear brothers and sisters,

The Elders have determined to cancel our worship gatherings until further notice. All other gatherings, including First Wednesday Prayer and Community Groups have also been canceled until further notice.

We will continue to look at the local situation concerning COVID-19 on a weekly basis.

Please continue to encourage one another with the Word of God and to pray for one another, the elders, medical professionals, and the authorities both local and national.

We love you and miss you dearly,

Rodrigo Sanchez

On Behalf of the Elders

March 22, 2020

Brothers and sisters, 

The Elders have determined to cancel our worship gathering for Sunday, March 22.

Please continue to pray for one another, for us as we plan and seek ways to shepherd God's people from a distance according to his Word, and for our Governor, Secretary of Health, all other government officials, and those in our city and congregation directly involved in alleviating the spread of the virus.

In Christ,

Rodrigo Sanchez

On Behalf of the Elders

March 15, 2020

Brothers and Sisters,

The Elders have determined that in the interest of caution and love for neighbor, we are cancelling our worship gathering on Sunday, March 15. Our decision has not been easy, and neither was it made in haste. We will continue to evaluate the situation going forward, so the decision at this point concerns only Sunday's gathering.

We have made this decision for a number of reasons. The first is a practical concern for people's health. We consulted with a local health official at the VA who is directly involved in the COVID-19 situation. He agreed that cancelling tomorrow's service was an appropriate display of caution. We also consulted with other churches in the city, including the few like-minded congregations. Most are cancelling as well. 

The second reason is a desire to love our neighbors and to do so responsibly. Health officials do not know the extent of the COVID-19 virus' spread within our community, and we do not want to risk possibly further spreading the virus. To say it another way, we believe caution is an appropriate expression of love for neighbor.

Finally, the Elders firmly believe that fear is never an appropriate response for the believer. "Our God is in the heavens! He does all that he pleases!" (Ps. 115:3) We are not afraid. At the same time, we also affirm that prudence is an expression of wisdom. Please know, brothers and sisters, that we have made this decision out of a desire to be prudent. Our hope remains in the Lord, and our confidence remains unshaken. We belong to the City with foundations, whose Designer and Builder is God (Heb. 11:10). If the gates of hell will not prevail against Christ's Church, neither will COVID-19 (Matt. 16:18). Therefore, please know that as the Elders of Midtown Baptist, our sincerest intention has been to strike the balance of prudence. We trust the Lord will honor our effort.

We recognize this raises a number of questions about the immediate future for our congregation. Our decision at this point applies only to this Sunday, March 15. We will evaluate this upcoming week as to how to proceed, including any appropriate means to provide our congregation with the Ministry of God's Word. Please be on the lookout for any further information. We are currently working on possible options.

Please pray for us. Please pray for one another. Please pray for Gov. Hutchinson, Secretary of Health Dr. Smith, as well as the countless medical professionals who are serving our community (including some from within our church). 

We love you, brothers and sisters. 

Grace and peace,

Jeff Breeding

On Behalf of the Elders


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