Sermon Study - Acts 1:1-5

“Acts: The Risen Christ, the Promised Spirit, and the Proclaimed Word” from Acts 1:1-5. You can listen to the sermon here.

Sermon Review

In Acts 1:1-5, Luke introduces us to four themes that will be further developed throughout the book:

  1. The continued work of the Risen Christ
  2. The church’s mission of proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom
  3. The uniqueness of the apostles
  4. The promised Holy Spirit

If we combine these themes together, we can summarize the book as follows:

In the book of Acts, the Risen Christ continues to work through the proclamation of his people, particularly his apostles, and he enables that mission to go forward through the powerful work of his Holy Spirit.

For Further Study

1) The books of Acts is the second volume of Luke’s collected work, with the Gospel of Luke being the first. Acts 1:1-5 summarizes much of what occurred in Luke 24. Read Luke 24:36-49. What similarities do you see between these verses and Acts 1:1-5?

2) In Acts 1:3, Luke says that Jesus presented himself alive to the apostles “by many proofs.” In your mind, what is the significance of these convincing resurrection appearances for the mission of the church? Why did the appearances come before the commissioning? What application might we draw from this for our own mission as Christ’s church?

3) If you would like to work ahead for our upcoming sermons, read Acts 1-6 this week, focusing on one chapter per day (e.g., chapter 1 on Monday, chapter 2 on Tuesday, etc). Make note of your own observations and questions. If you have time, get together with another believer and share some of your observations.

For Personal Reflection

To close the sermon, we mentioned four ways that you and your family can pray for this sermon series. Here are those four ways:

  1. Pray for the word of God to increase and multiply
  2. Pray for the Spirit’s help
  3. Pray for boldness to speak
  4. Pray for a willingness to consider what God might be calling you and your family to do

Here are some suggestions on how to use these prayers emphases:

  1. Pray for a different emphasis each day of the week
  2. Regularly get together with MBC members and pray through these emphases
  3. Walk through your neighborhood and pray for the word to spread
  4. Organize a group of MBC members to arrive early at church and pray for that day’s service and message, using these emphases as a guide

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