Introducing Amos

"The LORD roars from Zion."

So begins the prophecy of Amos. the subject of our next sermon series. Amos is a powerful book that reveals God's sovereignty and holiness. As Israel was prone to forget, there is no one like the Sovereign Lord! He cannot be pacified, and he cannot be contained. He roars like a mighty Lion, and all the earth must hear his voice.

Amos also confronts God's people with the dangers of ignoring God's Word, taking God's grace for granted, and offering God heartless worship. These were the dangers confronting the nation of Israel, and they are still the dangers that plague God's new covenant people as well. As such, Amos is a timely word for God's people. We need to hear it, especially when it challenges us.

The final word in Amos, however, is not a warning. It is a promise. God will be faithful to his word. Through Amos, the Lord promised to raise up another King in David's line, and this King would overturn the curse of sin and bring salvation to the earth. As such, Amos' prophecy reveals the glory of Jesus Christ, the greater Son of David!

Lord willing, we plan to spend the next several weeks in this powerful book, with the hope of finishing the series right before Advent. Amos is relatively short - only 9 chapters. So a good way to prepare for the series would be to simply read through the book. The following is a basic outline for the book that may serve you as you read:

  • Amos 1-2: The LORD roars against the Nations

  • Amos 3-6: The LORD roars against Israel

  • Amos 7-9: Visions for the LORD's Prophet and People

Simply reading through the book is fruitful. There is much to be gained from hearing God's Word! If you'd like some questions to consider as you read, I've included a few below:

  • What attributes of God stand out in the book?

  • How does the book convict God's people and lead us to repentance?

  • How does God's judgment deepen our understanding of what Jesus accomplished at the cross?

I'm looking forward to this series! Please join me in praying that God would use his Word to accomplish his purpose in our church!


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